Audit committee


Audit Committee

The Audit Committee helps the Council in its oversight responsibilities for the financial reporting process, systems of internal control, audit processes, and monitoring compliance with legislation, regulations and Councillor’s Code of Conduct.

The Audit Committee is an Advisory Committee and it operates under Section 139 of the Local Government Act.

Audit meetings are held 'in camera', which means they are closed to the public and minutes are not publicly available, however, the Chairperson submits a report to Council after every meeting which is publicly available within Council meeting agendas.

Audit Committee meetings are held quarterly and the Committee consists of four independent members and two Councillors:

  • Rob Anderson (Chairperson)
  • Kay Thawley
  • Kate Thomson
  • Aaron Coutts
  • Cr Bernard Gaffney
  • Cr Sophie Price

Council's auditors are:

  •  Johnsons MME - External Auditors (appointed by the Victorian Auditor-General’s Office).


Audit Committee Charter(PDF, 351KB)