Committees of Council

Council has a number a committees to provide advice and information to Council on a range of specialist areas and to manage Council facilities. There are three types of Council committees:

  • Special committees - Created under section 86 of the Local Government Act, Council can delegate some of its decision-making powers to these committees. This type of committee manages Council-owned facilities such as community halls, sports parks, historic buildings and tourist sites, and are responsible for the promotion, event bookings and maintenance of the facility.
  • Advisory committees - Created under section 3 of the Local Government Act, advisory committees provide advice to Council or members of Council staff, but do not have any decision-making ability. They are created by Council to support specific areas of interest, often addressing strategies identified in the Council Plan. These committees are composed of specific skills-based and special interest positions.
  • Audit committee - Created under section 139 of the local Government Act, the Audit Committee helps the Council in its oversight responsibilities of the financial reporting process, systems of internal control, audit processes and monitoring compliance with legislation, regulations and the Councillor Code of Conduct.

Joining a committee is a great way to get involved and give back to the community.

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Joining a committee is a great way to get involved and give back to the community. If you are interesting in applying to join a Council committee, register your interest below. You will be contacted by a Council officer to discuss further.


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