Ovens and Murray District Planned Burning Season

On display until 30 April 2023, 12:00 AM

The Ovens District of Forest Fire Management Victoria (FFMVic) has advised that a number of planned burns will be conducted within Indigo Shire in the coming weeks/months.

The locations where the burns will be conducted can be viewed on the below maps:

Forest Fire Management Victoria and CFA crews conduct fuel reduction burns to reduce the size, intensity and impact of future bushfires to communities and the environment.

The full list of FFMVic and CFA proposed planned burns for a three-year period is published on the FFMVic website.

Forest Fire Management Victoria will take advantage of safe opportunities to conduct planned burns and work closely with the Bureau of Meteorology to assess weather conditions – such as humidity, temperature and wind speed.

Planned Burns are only carried when conditions are suitable and potential community and stakeholder impacts of planned burning are considered when scheduling the program.

To find out when and where FFMVic and CFA planned burns are happening near you sign up for FFMVic updates or call 1800 226 226 – this is statewide, not just within the Indigo Shire.

To receive more information directly from the Ovens District you can sign up to its email group.

FFMVic will provide more information closer to the planned burning program commencement.