Beechworth Historic Precinct launches new education program

Published on 10 February 2022


An exciting new education program linked to the Australian primary and secondary school curriculum is the latest offering from the Beechworth Historic Precinct.

The new program, which launched this week, is an expansion of the precinct’s school experiences and includes a comprehensive list of eight programs from which teachers can select the best option for their particular group of students.

Including programs based at the Burke Museum, the Historic Courthouse and Telegraph Station, each is targeted at particular year levels and complements the content taught in the classroom in a skills-based and interactive format.

“Students have the opportunity to explore the museum’s collections through a mixture of inquiry and object-based learning which provides hands-on activities merged with critical and creative thinking,” Cameron Auty, Manager Burke Museum and Cultural Heritage said.

“Furthermore, all of the interactive programs are enhanced by technology which can help to make the museum more accessible and importantly, student-friendly.”

The education program will be delivered by qualified historians, teachers and tour guides and Mr Auty says that the program offers a unique and enriching learning experience for young minds.

“Whether they’re exploring collection items, re-enacting a trial in an original setting or wandering through town exploring the lived history of Beechworth, students will be able to solve historical mysteries, uncover some of the lesser known people of Beechworth and really immerse themselves in the experience.”

Indigo Shire Mayor Bernard Gaffney says that this innovative new program is just one way in which heritage is being honoured and celebrated in Indigo Shire.

“Heritage is one of the key things that makes Indigo Shire so special. We know how much its preservation means to our community so there’s no better way to celebrate it and ensure its place in our future than by educating the next generation of its importance,” says Councillor Gaffney.

Booking can be made via the Explore Beechworth website.



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