Nominations open for Australia Day Awards 2022

Published on 01 October 2021


Nominations for the Indigo Shire 2022 Australia Day Awards are now open and community members are encouraged to nominate someone who makes them proud.

The awards celebrate the outstanding people and community organisations across the Shire that make extraordinary contributions to society.

Indigo Shire Mayor Jenny O’Connor says that nominating someone for recognition can be a way of saying thank you to those who give so much to the local community and that after another difficult 12 months, it’s the perfect time to recognise our unsung heroes.

“We know that across our community, there has been some incredible acts of kindness, selflessness and ongoing service, not only over the last 12 months, but over a number of years. By nominating someone, whether it be a family member, friend, work mate or someone you’ve seen working within your community, you’re showing that what they’ve done matters, you’re proud and you’re grateful.”

She says that it is often the case that those who are most deserving of recognition don’t want any accolades, however she’s encouraging people across the Shire to shine the light on these exceptional community members.

“We want to celebrate and recognise the people that make you proud to call them your friend or your neighbour, who selflessly give back to the community because it’s for the greater good and future generations. They’re the people that we want to see standing up there on Australia Day.”

Award categories include Citizen of the Year, Young Citizen of the Year and Community Organisation of the Year.

Applications are also open for the Emma George Junior Sporting Scholarship. The scholarship is aimed at young sports people from within Indigo Shire who wish to apply for assistance in pursuing their sporting activities at regional, state or national levels of competition.

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