Draft Rutherglen Place Plan

Submissions closing on 24 February 2023, 05:00 PM


At its December meeting, Council endorsed the Draft Rutherglen Place Plan for the purposes of public exhibition.

After extensive consultation with key stakeholders and the community, we're now inviting the community to review and provide feedback on this important plan for Rutherglen.


The Rutherglen Place Plan provides a guide to support the future growth and development of the town for the next 30 years.

The main aims of the Place Plan are to:

  • Address opportunities and challenges within Rutherglen associated with the Place Plan Themes (listed below)
  • Capture the desires of the entire Rutherglen community for the future of the town
  • Establish short, medium and long-term goals for Rutherglen
  • Establish priority projects for Rutherglen
  • Provide recommendations around strategies, actions, timeframes, costs and funding sources

The Draft Place Plan was co-designed with the Rutherglen Place Plan Steering Committee.  This committee was engaged in May 2021 following an expression of interest and selection process.  The steering committee has been instrumental in developing the scope of the project, selecting the consultants Public Realm, determining the themes, developing the engagement approach and selecting the Road Test Project (a project which would undergo additional scoping in preparation for grant funding and/or advocacy). The committee acted as a sounding board throughout the process and provided critical guidance.

Place Plan Themes

There are four themes articulated in the Draft Rutherglen Place Plan:

  • Tourism Opportunities

Ensuring the Place Plan identifies and capitalises on Rutherglen’s esteemed product, beautiful natural environment, retail and other and tourism opportunities. It provides recommendations for the growth of the overnight tourism market, and aligns with the Destination Management Plan.

  • Social Capital

Ensuring the Place Plan is fostering community resilience, connectivity, growth and innovation in the Rutherglen community with consideration to services and infrastructure that will enable this.

  • Town Centre Considerations

Ensuring the Place Plan considers a connected town centre that is hub for the entire community, with infrastructure and services that support all. It provides considerations regarding opportunities on Main Street, innovative transport solutions and revitalising the night time economy.

  • Sustainable Development

Ensuring the Place Plan considers a sustainable approach to Rutherglen’s built environment, housing development, economy, community and services. This includes analysis of supply and demand for industrial land, future requirements for community and recreation services and assessment of the appropriateness of planning requirements.

Engagement undertaken

Engagement for the Place Plan included:

  • Workshops run with the steering committee to hear about potential opportunities and constraints, test the Rutherglen Place Plan themes and to understand focus points and potential activation locations within Rutherglen. The outcomes of these workshops were tested with the broader community for input and feedback in the community engagement phase.
  • Digital public engagement - including a short survey and mapping exercise designed to gather general Rutherglen Place Plan data for those interested in a quick contribution to the Place Plan and a more detailed questionnaire related to the Place Plan themes with a ranking of ideas to date.
  • Print surveys for school students
  • Farmers Market drop-in session
  • Follow up phone calls and contact with key stakeholders

The Road Test phase included additional community engagement requesting the community to rank the top five projects suggested for the place plan. 



356 responses were received – 152 of these were from students.

Have your say on the draft

The draft Place Plan is now on exhibition for the community to provide any additional input.

Additionally, there will be an engagement session held on Saturday 18 February 9-11 am at Gollings Square where Council staff will be available with steering committee representatives to discuss the plan. 

How to make a submission

Submissions should be addressed to the Manager Community Development, and be received by 5pm on Friday 24 February, 2023. 

Submissions can be sent to info@indigoshire.vic.gov.au or by mail to PO Box 28, Beechworth 3747.