Engaged Indigo

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Engaged Indigo is our online Community Engagement Group.

Open to all Indigo Shire residents, Engaged Indigo is your opportunity to participate in a range of engagement opportunities and have direct input into issues that matter most to you.

If you would like to join this group, please review the rules of engagement and complete the registration form.

Click here to see our current engagement opportunities, or if you'd like to see the projects and topics we've engaged on previously, click here for our closed consultations.

Rules of engagement

  • Participants can opt in or out of specific engagement topics, based on their interest or involvement in the subject matter.
  • There is no limitation on group numbers
  • All community members are invited to be part of the group
  • Group members will mostly be engaged on-line via email, but may from time to time be asked to be part of a focus group or participate in workshops.
  • Group members will receive updates throughout the engagement period as well as learn the outcome of the engagement and how it has helped influence the final Council decision.
  • All views and opinions will be considered, however the final decision on any issue, project, policy, strategy or plan will be determined by the Council
  • There is no set term for participants to be part of the group and they can unsubscribe at any time.

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