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Submissions closing on 16 April 2023, 05:00 PM

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In December 2021, Council purchased two parcels of private land in Chiltern, after the Chiltern Place Plan identified the need for Council to support small to medium sized business growth via industrial land development.

The two parcels are located opposite the Council depot; Lot One fronts Beechworth Road, Anderson Road, Waterloo Road and the railway line, while Lot Two fronts Waterloo Road and the Railway Access Road.

The intention of the purchase was to secure a potential industrial land development site for the future, however, the land purchased is considered large enough for Council to accommodate a range or mix of land uses other than just industrial land.

Given this, the opportunity now exists for the community and various stakeholders to participate in an engagement process to identify how the land should be best used.

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We're keen to hear from Chiltern community members about your vision for the land and your input and feedback will be used to help design a draft Precinct Plan for the site.

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Community Launch Event

We're also holding a community event at Martins Lane, Chiltern on Saturday 25 March from 10am - 12pm for anyone keen to learn more about the project, to chat to the project team and to share their thoughts in person.