Community engagement


Community engagement will be used to ensure the community is well informed about issues, strategies or plans that may directly or indirectly affect them. Community engagement ensures that:

  • We have the opportunity to consider the input of a wide range of community members before making decisions
  • Community members are given the opportunity to contribute to the planning and development process.

Why do we engage?

Community engagement ensures the community has the opportunity for genuine involvement in Council’s decision-making and policy development.

Our aims are:

  • To provide members of the community with the opportunity to hear each other’s opinions and to recommend appropriate solutions to community issues
  • To ensure Council is meeting its legislative requirements regarding community consultation in all areas of its service delivery
  • To recognise that there is diversity in the activities and projects across Council and the type of engagement undertaken should vary accordingly.

Community input accrued through engagement processes will be considered along with financial, legal and sustainability considerations in decision-making. It does not mean achieving consensus, rather it involves seeking the best possible solution for the Council and the community.

The IAP2 Spectrum is an internationally used tool and the we will use relevant elements of it in practicing good engagement. This covers the key elements of inform, consult, involve/collaborate, or in some cases, empower.