Community engagement

participants at the community forum

Indigo Shire Council wants to strengthen its relationship with the local community to create a more cohesive approach to the growth, liveability and sustainability of the Shire.

We recognise that community participation in the democratic process is important. An empowered community is one that contributes to and actively participates in decisions that affect their lives.

We are committed to facilitating open, transparent two-way discussions with all community members and stakeholders in order to build trusted, respectful relationships and we will provide opportunities for our community to influence the decisions, policies and plans of Council by their participation in the community engagement process, lending us their experiences and expertise.

The Community Engagement Strategy 2022-2025 describes the principles we will use to ensure our engagement activities are purposeful, relevant, open, honest, inclusive and responsive.

We use the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2) spectrum to determine the most suitable level of participation for each engagement project; considering who the stakeholders are, the expected level of interest in the project and the potential impact of the outcome.

Our key objectives

Our Community Engagement Strategy, adopted by Council in November 2022,  seeks to deliver on the following key objectives.

  1. Build capacity – work with the community, stakeholders and staff to create a culture of genuine and relevant engagement.
  2. Inform and involve – create and promote opportunities for participation in engagement opportunities and ensure our community is kept informed
  3. Accountable and transparent – show how community and stakeholder participation is used to inform and influence decision-making and by closing the loop
  4. Continuous improvement - implement a continuous improvement program to reflect evolving best practice and the needs of the community