Rates and valuations

Indigo Shire is one of the lowest rating small, rural shires in the North East of Victoria. The average rates per assessment for Indigo Shire residents still remains below the average for small shire councils, the majority of surrounding shires and the overall state average per assessment.

Your rates contribute to about one third of Council's overall budget, which also includes government contributions, fees and charges.

Every two years all Councils in Victoria are required by the State Government to revalue the land within their boundaries. This process involves establishing a current market value of your land. It has a complicated impact on individual rate assessments and the information in the link below is designed to help you understand that impact.

Click here to download the land revaluation fact sheet.

Objection to valuations

You are able to object to the valuation of your property within two months of the issue date of the rate notice, where the valuation appears for the first time. If you have any concerns regarding the valuation of your property, contact the Senior Revenue Officer on 03 5728 8000 or 1300 365 003 for further information, or to make an appointment to see a valuer.


Last updated: 12 January 2016