Paying your rates

When do I need to pay my rates?

Council rates are payable in four instalments. Instalment notices will be issued at least 14 days before each instalment is due. You can pay any or all instalments in advance of their due dates.

If electing to pay by instalments, your first payment (as shown on your rates notice) must be paid by 30 September.  A reminder notice will be sent before each instalment due date.

The due dates for the 2017/18 year are:

 31 October 2017
 instalment 1
 15 December 2017
 instalment 2
 28 February 2018
 instalment 3
 31 May 2018
 instalment 4


How can I pay my rates?

Council’s Customer Service Centres accept payment via EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, cash or cheque.

There are several ways you can pay your rates for Indigo Shire Council and details of these payment options can be found on your annual rates and charges notice.


Payments can be made through your financial institution from your cheque, savings, debit card, credit card or transaction account using the biller code of 1867.

Australia Post Billpay

Payments can be made in person at any Post Office with eftpos, credit card, cash or cheque.

Credit Card

Payments can be made via the Commonwealth Bank BPOINT portal using the BPOINT biller Code of 1867 and reference number that appears on your notice.


Send back the bottom section of your rates notice along with a cheque made out to Indigo Shire Council: PO Box 28, Beechworth VIC 3747

Direct Debit

If you wish to make payments by direct debit, please fill out this form or call the rates department on 1300 365 003 or 03 5728 8000.


Call Indigo Shire Council on 1300 365 003 or 03 5728 8000 to pay your rates notice with Visa or Mastercard.

Can I have my payments debited from my Centrelink payment?

Yes. Centrepay is a free direct bill paying service available to ratepayers who receive a Centrelink payment. You can arrange to have deductions made via Centrelink to Indigo Shire Council to pay your rates.

Please contact our Rates Department on 1300 365 003 or 03 5728 8000 for further information or visit Centrelink.


I can't afford to pay my rates now

If you find yourself in financial difficulty and cannot meet the due date for payment, contact the Indigo Shire Council Rates Department as soon as possible.

You may apply for a waiver, deferral or concession of your Council rates and charges in accordance with sections 170 or 171 of the Local Government Act 1989. You may apply for a waiver, deferral or concession of your Fire Services Property Levy in accordance with sections 27 or 28 of the Fire Services Property Levy Act 2012. Please note interest continues to accrue on balances unpaid.


Financial Hardship Policy

Indigo Shire Council seeks to provide flexible financial arrangements for rate payers experiencing temporary and genuine financial hardship.

For further information relating to financial hardship you can download Council's Financial Hardship Policy.

Last updated: 27 October 2017