How we calculate your rates

Rates are calculated based on the value of a property, using a method called Capital Improved Value. Capital Improved Value (CIV) refers to the value of the land and any improvements, such as a house, garage, swimming pool etc.

A ‘rate in the dollar’ is determined, and then applied against the CIV of each property.

The rate in the dollar amounts for 2016/17 are:

Category                                           Current rate ratio

General                                             1.00

Residential Vacant                             2.00

Rural 1                                              0.75 (for land >40ha)

Rural 2                                              0.90

Commercial / Industrial                       1.35

Want more information on Capital Improved Value? See Property valuations.

Your rates are based on the capital improved value (CIV) of your property.

A rate in the dollar is declared by comparing the total valuation of all properties in the Shire to the total revenue included in the annual budget. Rates are then apportioned against each property on the basis of individual property valuation.

The formula for calculating general rates, excluding any additional charges or arrears, is:

General Rates = Valuation (CIV) x Rate in the dollar (differential)

For example, the calculation for a residential property worth $300,000 for the 2016-2017 rating year would be:

Capital Improved Value                                                                    $300,000.00

Rate in the dollar General Rate - $300,000 x .003753                        1,125.90            

Add Municipal Charge                                                                     299.00

Add Environmental Management Contribution                                    71.35

Add Domestic Garbage Collection (140L)                                         106.95

Add Recycling Collection (240L)                                                       82.10

Add Domestic Organics Collection (240L)                                         151.05

Add CFA Residential Charge                                                            107.00

CFA Residential Levy Rate @ .000122 x CIV                                     36.60

Total Rates & Charges                                                                     $1,979.95

For details of your property's valuation and how your rates are calculated, please refer to your rate notice.


What is a municipal charge?

The Local Government Act 1989 allows Council to declare a Municipal Charge on properties to cover some of the administrative costs of the Council. Indigo Shire has applied this charge to all rateable properties.

An exemption from this charge may be granted where the following criteria is met:

  • property is rateable land
  • property must be used primarily for farm purposes
  • property must be greater than 2ha
  • property must be part of a single farm enterprise
  • same person or people are the ratepayers for all the properties within the single farm enterprise
  • ratepayer is not a body corporate
  • property does not have a principal place of residence constructed on it (ie a house).

The value of the current charge appears on your Rates and Valuation Notice.

This is a flat dollar amount on each property to cover some of the administrative costs of the Council and is the same for all properties.  This charge recognises that some benefits apply to all property owners irrespective of property valuation.

Municipal charge exemptions apply to multiple rate assessments that form a "single farm enterprise".

To be eligible for a municipal charge exemption:

  • the land must be farm land
  • the land must form part of a single farm enterprise

The municipal charge must be paid on at least one property of a single farm enterprise.

An exemption cannot be claimed for more than one principal place of residence.

If you have any questions in relation to this subject, please contact our rates department on 1300 365 003 or 03 5728 8000.



What is the Environmental Management Contribution?

Council declared in 1998/99 that all rateable properties were to contribute towards the maintenance of waste management within our Shire. Exemption may be applied only if the property qualifies for a municipal exemption. This charge is not a garbage or recycling collection charge.

If you require further information regarding this charge or wish to apply for an exemption, please contact our rates department on 1300 365 003 or 03 5728 8000.


Concessions on Rates and Charges

The State Government Municipal Concession is 50 per cent of the rates payable, up to a maximum of $218.30 for the 2016/17 financial year.

Who can apply?

Eligible cardholders can only claim a concession on the property which is their principal place of residence.

Which concession cards are eligible to receive a concession on my rates?

  • Pensioner Concession Card - issued by Centrelink or Department of Veterans' Affairs
  • Department of Veterans' Affairs Gold Card - War Widow (WW)
  • Department of Veterans' Affairs Gold Card - Totally and Permanently Incapacitated (TPI)

Do you have an eligible concession card?

To check whether your card may be eligible to receive a concession on your Council rates and charges please visit the Department of Health and Human Services website.

How do I apply?

In order to apply, complete the following form and take it in person, or send by post, to one of our Customer Service Centres. Please submit the form with a copy of your eligible card. Forms are also available from our Customer Service Centres.

 Your concession will be deducted from your rates and charges for subsequent years unless your entitlement to receive this concession changes.  This will be shown on your yearly rates notice.

Veteran Affairs Prisoner of War (POW) and Extreme Disablement Adjustment (EDA) pension holders

The Victorian Government has announced that the pension rebate on council rates extends to Veteran Affairs POW and EDA pension card holders. Applications for rebates on council rates for these specific types of Department of Veterans Affairs pension cards can only be made directly to the Department of Human Services Concessions Unit. Details are shown on the application form below.



Fire Services Property Levy Rebate

A further concession of $50.00 will apply to the Fire Services Property Levy. The concession will be administered in the same way as the rates concession. A new application for the Fire Services Property Levy concession is not required if a pension rebate is currently applied to your municipal rates and charges.

Last updated: 07 July 2017