Chiltern Placemaking and Structure Plan

Chiltern Town Entry Project

Chiltern Town Entry Project

The Town Entry project is one of the key strategic projects of the Chiltern Placemaking and Structure Plan and will help promote Chiltern for visitors and residents.

The landscape design proposal enhances and extends the existing theme of the Chiltern Entry from the Hume Freeway, with exotic speceis planted on the east and natives on the west of the beechworth-chiltern road reserve.

Community Listening Posts in October 2015 and November 2017 heard a range of community views on what might be planted where. Crepe Myrtles were chosen to satisfy VicRoads height restrictions, filling between existing native trees. They will also provide outstanding colour at certain times of year.

The Chiltern Town Entry Project is scheduled to go to tender early next year. Construction is proposed to commence mid-2018.


Indigo Shire Council adopted the Chiltern Placemaking and Structure Plan — Heritage Town, Bold Future in June 2016 to position the town for economic and population growth and create a connected and resilient community.

The Chiltern Placemaking Plan sets a growth target of 2% per annum to reverse a district population decline, and ensure the town’s long-term viability by capitalising on the town’s proximity to major regional centres including Wodonga and Wangaratta, large employment hubs at the Logic Centre and Barnawartha Livestock Centre, and major road and rail corridors.

The project will bring a $12 million boost to the local economy with up to 42 jobs, including 28 ongoing jobs for Chiltern and surrounding region. 

Chiltern Placemaking and Structure Plan

The Plan was adopted by Council in June 2016.

Download Part A

Part A – Activation, of the Chiltern Placemaking and Structure Plan outlines the Key Strategic Projects ready for tactical planning.  Each project includes the rationale behind the proposal, the key elements, and guidance for governance and implementation.

Download Part B - Structure Plan

In Part B – Structure Plan,  the report uses a land use planning process to guide the approach to managing growth.  The traditional Structure Plan model has been fundamentally and transparently altered to suit a small town.  Chiltern’s Structure plan has been designed to not only manage growth, but also to provide a catalyst for future development.


Last updated: 02 February 2018