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28 June 2016

One-stop process to retrieve impounded pets

Pet owners in Indigo Shire whose dog or cat has been impounded will find it easier to retrieve their pet from this Friday.

 Indigo’s Director Development and Planning Mark Florence said Council had reached agreement with Albury Council and its contractor Canine Country Kennels for impounded dogs and cats from Indigo Shire to be housed and managed at the Albury facility.

 Indigo Shire has used the services of the Wodonga Council pound, but the facility will close this Thursday, June 30.

 “This new agreement means pet owners won’t have to come to an Indigo Shire office to process pound fees before travelling to the Albury pound to collect their animal. All payments and administrative requirements can be done at the one place - at the Albury pound facility,” Mr Florence said.

 “From Friday dogs and cats impounded by Indigo Council officers will be delivered to the Albury pound facility in Mudge Street, Lavington. And contact with the owners of impounded animals, collection of any fees and the release of the animal, will be managed and processed by Canine Country Kennels.”

 Canine Country Kennels has been a registered business since 1985 and has managed and operated the Albury facility since 1999.

 Mr Florence said the Albury pound facility met all requirements under various NSW and Victorian legislation relating to the housing of animals.

 “While this new system is more streamlined in terms of owners collecting their impounded pets, it is the responsibility of pet owners to ensure their dogs and cats are registered, microchipped, and securely contained at their home,” he said.




For further information:
Contact Mark Florence, Director Development and Planning
Phone 03 5728 8000