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Report: Barnawartha-Indigo Valley 2015 Bushfire - An example of Community-led recovery.

In the wake of the devastation of the Barnawartha-Indigo Valley Bushfire, there have been many reflections and insights about what occurred and where to from here.

This report has been prepared to consider the incident, the immediate impact and the long-term effects that may continue beyond writing this document.

The aim is to respectfully recognise the losses that were experienced by this incident and to highlight the great work done by many people to aid in the community led recovery process.

It is also an opportunity to share the observations, reflections and insights, as these may help the Indigo Shire Council, local government, agencies and Emergency Management Victoria to further their understanding of how community-led recovery worked for the affected communities, particularly in the Indigo Valley. This local example may also assist other communities and organisations to learn from this experience and improve their own processes and practice for future events.

The Barnawartha-Indigo Valley is an outstanding example of what the community can do and how tapping into the knowledge and expertise of community-members is invaluable in leading their own recovery processes.

In recent years, Australia – and rural Victoria, in particular – have been subjected to many natural disasters, with fire being one of the most prevalent of these.

As climatic changes occur, it is predicted that these natural disasters will occur more often and it is important the community takes a role in preparing for this.

This report does not aim to criticise any of the efforts or approaches used to manage the Barnawartha-Indigo Valley fire, but rather to identify what worked well, what may be improved and how this example can potentially support the further recovery of this and other communities in the future.


To view the full report, click here - An Example of Community-led Recovery