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15 November 2017

Indigo Mayor urges quick action on marriage equality

Australia has voted YES to change marriage law by 61.6%

Indigo Shire Mayor Cr Jenny O’Connor said today that she was delighted with results of the marriage equality postal survey.


Ms O’Connor said the result meant many couples, previously denied the right to marry, could now do so.


“When almost two thirds of those who participated say ‘yes’, we are obliged to listen. I hope now that the Federal Government will act to get legislation into the parliament before Christmas,” she said.


Nationally, the ‘yes’ vote amounted to 61.6%, with Victoria at 64.9% and the federal seat of Indi at 63.1%.


“Our community has spoken out on this issue with a resounding yes and we must respect that.”


Ms O’Connor said she was proud that the local community had made its wishes ‘abundantly clear on this issue’, demonstrating values of acceptance and inclusion.


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