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05 September 2017

Feedback leads to Sandy Beach design change

Revised concept plan
ABOVE: The revised concept plan. See link below to download high resolution file.

Indigo Shire Council has endorsed the final design for improvements to Sandy Beach at Lake Sambell following further community feedback.

At its meeting last week the Council agreed to the minor changes to the plans, which will be implemented before the summer season.

Mayor Cr Jenny O'Connor said the new changes involved moving the swings to the western side of the playground, away from the car park where they were originally intended to go, and installing a handrail and steps on the rock retaining wall on the beach to help with access and visibility of the wall.

"The earlier concept plan had two retaining walls on the beach, the swings relocated to near the carpark, disability access tables under the shelter, relocation of the path around the playground area, removing the old bus shelter and increasing the range of park furniture," Cr O'Connor said.

"Work on improvements began in April with a single retaining wall on the beach. This and other elements of the work were largely well received by the community. But some issues raised by the community since then have led to us making the changes we have approved."

The gravel path will stay in place as it incurs minimal traffic, a handrail and steps will be installed in the middle of the rock retaining wall on the beach, and a second rock wall will be deferred for future consideration.

The budget for the work is $80,000 with expected costs to be closer to $90,000. The difference will be covered by savings in other projects.

Mayor Cr Jenny O'Connor said the need for improvements was identified in the Lake Sambell Masterplan (2015) and the Lake Sambell Sandy Beach Masterplan (2012). These plans will guide future developments.





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