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29 May 2018

Council joins Plasticwise charge

Indigo Shire Council has developed a Plasticwise Policy, which is a key strategic action of its Council Plan, and is inviting public comment.

The Mayor, Cr Jenny O'Connor, said today the Draft Plasticwise Policy demonstrated Council's leadership on the issue of single-use plastics.

"Council is committed to eradicate throw-away plastic products wherever we can and help clean up the environment", Cr O'Connor said.

"We aim to eventually eliminate all single use plastics from our day-to-day operations and council events, and we are inviting public comment on the Draft Policy."

Comments will be accepted until 30 June 2018. You may view the policy at Council's Customer Service offices, or download it from along with full instructions about how to make a submission.

"This policy will apply to all Council staff, operations and Council-managed events -- from the feedback I have received so far I feel confident it will receive complete support and cooperation from management and staff."

Cr O'Connor said an accompanying Policy Action Plan would also contain resources for other organisations that choose to follow Council's lead and reduce their plastic consumption.

"There are a variety of simple changes we can all make to reduce plastics," Cr O'Connor said. "Bring your own coffee cup, dine in, use boomerang bags, buy in bulk, BYO take-away containers, say no to extra packaging. Use your own water bottle and refill at a water fountain."

"Look out for the "Proud to be Plasticwise" stickers in shops and cafes -- this means the business is taking steps to reduce plastics," she said.

Cr O'Connor said Indigo Shire Council was adopting the policy with pride and determination, and thanked the valuable insight and guidance from Plasticwise groups across Indigo Shire, and the support and leadership of the Indigo Environmental Advisory Committee.

"This policy will make a real change in the way we care for our environment," Cr O'Connor said.

"Plastics don't disappear, they break up into smaller and smaller pieces which contaminate waterways and are ingested by animals. A huge amount of resources, like water and petrochemicals, goes into making single use plastics.

"Single use plastics contribute to climate change by using energy to manufacture and transport them, and generate harmful gases in landfill. Small plastic items like straws and bread tags are too light to be recycled in our current waste system."

Several other councils in Australia have or are preparing similar policies, including Surf Coast Shire, Wingecarribee Shire and Northern Beaches Councils.

"Please read the Draft Policy and provide your feedback to Council," Cr O'Connor said.



For further information:
Contact Cr Jenny O'Connor
Phone 0417 126 409