Customer Related Forms


Use the form below to authorise Indigo Shire to have funds debited from your account at a financial institution:

Use the form below to apply for a discount on Indigo Shire rates:

Please submit completed finance forms to the Beechworth office by post, email or in person.

Reporting incidents or injuries

If you have an incident or injury to report to Council, please submit in writing the details and your contact information to your most convenient Indigo Shire Council Office by post, email or in person.

If you have any queries, please contact one of our Customer Service Centres.


Use the application forms below to apply for Local Law permits:


Burning Off

Festivals & Events

Keeping, Moving & Grazing Livestock



Indigo Shire Council uses outside resources where necessary to ensure payment of fines. If you neglect to pay your parking fine, reminders are mailed out using the address retrieved from VicRoads. Indigo Shire Council has contracted the City of Wodonga to send these reminders after we provide the vehicle's make and registration number.

Rubbish & Collection Bins

Please submit completed permit application forms to the Team Leader Enforcement Services at our Yackandandah office by post, email or in person.

Last updated: 01 July 2018