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Councillor Support and Expense Policy

Adopted by Council on 02/05/2017


To set out a Councillor's entitlement for:

  • reimbursement by Council of reasonable bona fide Councillor out-of-pocket expenses incurred while performing duties as a Councillor;
  • payment by Council of reasonable bona fide expenses to enable Councillors to perform their duties; and
  • provision of facilities and resources by Council to assist Councillors in the performance of their duties.


  • This Policy gives a broad overview of how a Council can give assistance to its Councillors in carrying out their functions. It does not attempt to prescribe for every possible situation that may arise.
  • Mayoral and Councillor allowances are provided separately to reimbursement of expenses and the costs of facilities/resource support.
  • Where this Policy is satisfied and a Councillor has incurred an out-of-pocket expense they must be reimbursed by Council.

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