Adopted policies, plans and strategies

Indigo Shire Council's Policies are guidelines for the many and varied issues that arise in the Shire.

Policies are the representation of the values that Council holds and offer guidance for staff and Councillors in the decision-making process. They are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure they are relevant for the corporate direction of the Council.

Please follow the links below to download a copy of Indigo Shire Council's policies, plans and strategies.

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The Destination Game Changer 2023 tourism strategy was adopted by Council on 28 August 2018.
This policy sets out the direction to be taken by councillors and employees if offered gifts and hospitality in their capacity as a representative of Council.
06 July 2018 Procurement Policy
Indigo Shire Council Procurement Policy
28 June 2018 Privacy Policy
Council seeks to balance the free flow of information with protecting personal privacy.
Our customers are our highest priority. Council provides a responsive service. Our servicerequests are recorded, tracked and resolved through our system.
This policy applies to all Special Committees established by Council resolution in accordance with Section 86 of the Local Government Act 1989.
Council will operate with altered or reduced service levels on Code Red days.
18 October 2017 Climate Change Policy
This policy aligns with Indigo Shire Council's mission statement by proactively planning for a changing climate.
11 July 2017 Flag Flying Policy
As an expression of its governance responsibilities, Indigo Shire Council flies flags at each of its identified flag pole sites.
13 June 2017 Access Policy
The Indigo Shire Access Policy outlines Council’s commitment to accessibility for all.
This policy determines the management Council's Plant, Equipment and Fleet.
Set out Councillors entitlement for reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses.
09 May 2017 Child Safe Policy
Seven child safe standards to improve the way organisations prevent and respond to child abuse.
22 February 2017 Councillor Code of Conduct
Councillor Code of Conduct, adopted by Council at the Special Council Meeting held at the Beechworth Council Chambers on Tuesday 21 February 2017.
22 August 2016 Risk Management Policy
To deliver its services and projects and achieve the objectives outlined in the Council Plan, Indigo Shire Council recognises that there are inherent risks in many of the activities it manages.
12 August 2016 Audit Committee Charter
The Audit Committee is an advisory committee of Council as set out in Section 139 of the Local Government Act 1989.
05 May 2016 Communications Policy
Communication involves creating and sharing common ground and underpins all that we do at Indigo Shire Council.
Indigo Shire is keen to demonstrate to the RV community that its towns embrace RV travellers and acknowledge their valuable contribution to regional economies.
The Protected Disclosure Policy supports the ethical behaviours and values expected from Councillors, officers and employees as detailed in the Councillor and Staff Codes of Conduct.
28 April 2016 Rating Strategy Policy
Council's rating strategy determines how local government taxation (rates) is distributed amongst properties within the municipality.
Council seeks to provide flexible financial arrangements for ratepayers experiencing temporary and genuine financial hardship.
The Burke Museum is a "museum of museums". The key themes are Victorian collecting, life on the goldfields and post-gold Beechworth and district.
Council follows a standard debtor procedure that moves from internal follow-up to a debt collection agency, and occasionally to a court order.
12 December 2014 Social Media Policy
Social Media presents unique opportunities to improve communication and engagement with our community.
Enable Special Committee members to apply for reimbursement of out-of-pocket travelling expenses.


Indigo Shire Council recognises the important role sport, recreation and physical activity has in creating liveable communities and in contributing to the health and wellbeing of local residents.
The Plan was developed with input from community members, community organisatons and local health service providers.
Municipal Emergency Management Plan
The Master Plan maps out a coordinated approach to using and managing the lake and its surrounds.
Climate change adaptation is a process of adjustment to actual or expected climate and its effects. It aims to reduce harm and vulnerability, and make use of opportunities.
Indigo Shire's fire management plan builds relationships and shares information across public and private land all types of fire.
The Community Engagement Plan ensures Council decisions consider community input, and community members can contribute to the planning and development process.


Indigo Shire Council Heritage Strategy 2017-2021
Council's Strategic Risk Management Strategy seeks to provide a methodical approach to managing risk in a manner consistent with public interest, human safety, environmental factors and the law.
12 December 2014 Communications Strategy
Indigo Shire Council’s Communications Policy states: Indigo Shire Council is committed to timely, considered, open and honest communication.
23 September 2014 Environment Strategy 2009
Indigo Shire Council can make significant contributions to the management and protection of the state's natural resources.

Last updated: 14 December 2017