Documents for public inspection

Please contact Council and ask to speak with the Governance Department to arrange a time to view the document.

A copy cannot be emailed or faxed to you - you must come in and view the document with an Officer present. 

This information can be inspected at the Indigo Shire Council Office/Service Centre at:

  • 101 Ford Street, Beechworth

 Under the Local Government Act 1989, the following documents are available for public inspection:


A list of all Special Committees (Section 86 of the Act) established or abolished by Council, their minutes from the past 12 months (except confidential minutes closed to the public under Section 89 of the Act), and the purpose for which each committee was established.
Agendas and minutes of Ordinary and Special Council meetings
20 December 2013 Viewable by appointment
A list of documents available for viewing by appointment.
Please note that this summary is required to be maintained on Council's website until the entitlement date for the next general election in 2016 (under s.62A(2C) of the Local Government Act).
Allowances fixed for the Mayor and Councillors

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