News and information concerning the future of Indigo Shire communities affected by Goulburn Murray's decision to close the Tangambalanga factory. See Border Mail articles online.

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Community Working Group for Murray Goulburn Tangambalanga plant closure

Cr Jenny O'Connor
Indigo Shire Council Mayor
Jack Britton
Community Rep
0428 273 231 EMAIL
Brendon & Sheridan Arundel
Kiewa General Store Owners
02 60273325 EMAIL
Andrew Cameron
0417 096 120 EMAIL
Linda Coon
Major Kiewa milk distributor
0419 993 979 EMAIL
Peter Croucher
Community Member
0438 273 260 EMAIL
Donna Jack
Keeping manufacturing in the regions!
0419 751 160 EMAIL
Rob Ramsdell
0409 907 992
Gordon Bowes
Passionate to keep factories going
02 60713151 EMAIL
Patten Bridge
Ex MG, Connect Consultant in Dairy
0418 308 414 EMAIL
Nerida Kerr
Financial counselling small business/farms
0419 899 024 EMAIL
Roger Andrews
Ex Dairy Farmer/Tangamite
0438 718 538 EMAIL
Lannelle Bailey
S/W student/dairy farmer family
0409 856 952 EMAIL
Gerry Smith
Indigo Shire Council Primary
Karen Gardner
Indigo Shire Council Secondary
0437 944 764 EMAIL
Juliana Phelps
Towong Shire Primary
Lauren Elvin
Towong Shire Secondary
0402 255 088 EMAIL
Adam Wiseman
City of Wodonga Primary
Matt Nelson
RDV Primary
Helen Tobin-King
RDV Secondary
Ben Gursansky
Murray Goulburn Primary
Alex Evans
Murray Goulburn Secondary

Indigo Shire Council Mayor Cr Jenny O'Connor met Murray Goulburn Dairy stakeholders on Wednesday to discuss the town's future.