Beechworth extension won't go ahead

Update February 2013

Council resolved at its 12 February 2013 Council Meeting to not continue with the proposed extension to the Beechworth Council Office. The motion passed by Council reads:

That Council

  • Confirms that it will not be proceeding to build the extension planned as part of planning permit PP12-0133
  • Makes application to VCAT to formally withdraw planning permit PP12-0133
  • Proceed with a refurbishment of the existing office building and town hall with a view of making the most efficient and contemporary use of space available in those buildings
  • Instruct that the refurbishment include disabled access to the first floor of the town hall via a lift, and a secondary external access from the building via a fire escape, as well as other appropriate fire mitigation measures
  • Authorises the Chief Executive Officer to have a revised scope of works prepared to carry out these works, and to enter into discussions with the Builder appointed by Council under Contract 12/2192  with a view of varying this contract in line with the revised scope, and within existing Budget allocations.


These architects' drawings show the Beechworth Option C proposal, amended to incorporate feedback from the public consultation of 22 May 2012.

North-east elevation. Higher resolution image

North view. Higher resolution image

South-west view. Higher resolution image.