Annual Community Surveys

 Indigo Shire Council conducts a satisfaction survey of residents each year (see results below). And the State Government also conducts annual surveys of Councils in Victoria (see table at the bottom of this page). This feedback helps Council decide priorities for the work it does each year for the community.

Overall Council performance

Respondents were asked to evaluate how well they felt Council had performed months, using the following scale: needs a lot of improvement; needs some adequate; good; and excellent.

The chart below shows that at least four out of ten respondents say Council the last 12 months has been good or excellent (42%), while 27% say it has Just over one quarter (27%) say that performance needs improvement.

Detailed Council performance results

Respondents were given a list of 35 specific areas and asked to rate Council's performance for each using the following scale: needs a lot of improvement; needs some improvement; adequate; good; and excellent. Each response was allocated a numerical value of 1 (needs a lot of improvement) to 5 (excellent) to allow average scores to be calculated. Direct comparisons with previous surveys are not possible, as there are new items, as well as items that have been modified.

Statewide Local Government Community Satisfaction Survey 2014

Each year the Victorian State Government conducts a satisfaction survey of local government councils. The methodology for this survey changed in 2012, so comparisons can only be made from that year.

Summary of Key Community Satisfaction Results 2014

Performance Measures Indigo 2012 Indigo 2013 Indigo 2014 Small
Rural Shires
Overall Performance 59 56 61 60 61
Community Consultation 61 62 62 58 57
Advocacy 56 55 59 57 56
Customer Service 71 71 71 71 72
Overall Council Direction 50 52 54 54 53
Last updated: 21 October 2014