Advocating on behalf of the community

A key function of Indigo Shire Council is to advocate on behalf of the residents to State and Federal governments, other authorities and business on issues that affect us all.null

While much of this work is done behind the scenes, it can result in tangible benefits for the community.

Standing up for the community

Indigo Shire Council has gone into bat for residents on many issues. Council can raise issues with different levels of government in a way that individuals or small groups can’t. Much of this advocacy by Council is unseen except to those residents directly involved. Council has added its voice to concerned residents over a number of issues recently. Councillors have met with the

  • Mobile phone blackspots.Council has participated in ongoing discussions at State and Federal level on this issue.
  • The leaking dam wall at Beechworth's Lake Sambell. The State Government has now committed $2 million to this project.
  • Australia's Free Trade Agreement with our Asian neighbours in relation to wine and dairy products.
  • An alternative heavy vehicle route for Rutherglen, divertising heavy vehicles along UpRiver/Gooramadda Road.
  • The potential for Chinese tourism to the Shire.

Past examples

  • After representations from Council, Telstra increased the number of ADSL broadband ports in Beechworth before Christmas 2013.The issue came up earlier in 2013 when frustrated residents and businesses spoke to Councillors about not being able to get broadband in the town. Some business owners said the lack of broadband could hamper business and would be a disincentive for people considering moving to the area from the city.
  • Council has also advocated to the Education Department for the continuation of the Stanley Primary School after classes were suspended in 2013. Council hosted a public forum to discuss the issue and has backed the Stanley community with their desire to keep the school open..

Other examples

  • Ongoing efforts to influence policy development through involvement in the Municipal Association of Victoria, North East Regional Waste Management Group, Murray Darling Association, North East Greenhouse Alliance
  • Support for the Chiltern community in their stance against a quarry on Skeleton Hill
  • Successful lobbying of Victorian Deputy Premier Peter Ryan for early release of $1.6 million in Natural Disaster Financial Assistance funding for flood damage repair work
  • Successful lobbying for more money for roads
  • Indigo joined forces with other small rural councils to lobby state and federal government for a commitment to improved long-term funding after the release in 2010 of the Whelan report on financial sustainability of small rural councils
  • Advocating to the State Government on behalf of Stanley residents for mobile phone communications, which were launched in November 2010. 

Last updated: 22 July 2014