Indigo Economic Development & Tourism Advisory Committee

Chair: Kevin Mayhew


Indigo Economic Development & Tourism Advisory Committee (IEDTAC) is a joint initiative between Indigo Shire Council and industry. Its role is to provide a co-ordinated regional focus for economic development, marketing and tourism development and to advise Council on strategic economic development and tourism direction.



IEDTAC acts as the central body for all organisations and individuals involved and interested in economic development and tourism, and it provides a unified approach to economic and tourism development, planning and marketing on behalf of industry, the community and Indigo Shire Council.

The committee's structure acknowledges the close working relationship between Council and industry. IEDTAC is made up of the following members:

  • Beechworth Chamber of Commerce representative: Elizabeth Mason
  • Chiltern Tourism Association representative: Kevin Mayhew (Chair)
  • Destination Rutherglen representative: Jean-Francois Rupp
  • Yackandandah Chamber of Commerce representative: Phil Buerckner
  • Three skills-based representatives with tourism portfolios:
Brian Millar
Darryn Arnold
Christine French
  • Three skills-based representatives with economic development portfolios:
Nerida Kerr (Deputy Chair)
Karen Nankervis
Simon de Garis
  • Two Indigo Shire Councillors:
Cr Larry Goldsworthy
Cr Diane Shepheard
  • Indigo Shire Manager Tourism (ex officio): Susannah Doyle
  • Indigo Shire Economic Development Officer (ex officio): Karen Gardner



 The objectives of the Indigo Economic Development & Tourism Advisory Committee are: 

  • To provide strategic direction to Indigo Shire's economic development and tourism initiatives and programs.
  • To work co-operatively with local, regional and state tourist organisations.
  • To identify new festivals and events in Indigo Shire, support existing festivals and events, and make a recommendation to Council on the distribution of Council's Festivals & Events Grants.
  • To provide input on special projects where directed by Council.
  • To act as a two-way communication vehicle between Indigo Shire Council and local business and tourism associations.



The 2017 meetings will occur on the first Friday of every 2nd month, starting at 9:30am.

Please note that meeting times / places can change without notice on this website. To confirm times and locations, please contact Customer Service on 1300 365 003 or email

3 February in Wahgunyah

7 April in Barnawartha

2 June in Rutherglen

4 August in Yackandandah

6 October in Chiltern

1 December in Tangambalanga

The minutes of all IEDTAC meetings are included in the Agenda of the following Council Meeting.  Please click here for Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes.



Indigo Economic Development & Tourism Advisory Committee Terms of Reference:

Please click here for the IEDTAC Terms of Reference.



IEDTAC sub-committee - Accommodation Booking Working Group

The purpose of the Indigo Economic Development and Tourism Advisory Committee (IEDTAC) Sub-Committee Accommodation Booking Working Group is to address a number of the resolutions of the Indigo Shire Council report presented at the 30 August 2016 Council meeting.  The committee is to address the resolutions relating to accommodation booking systems and process, providing a recommendation to be presented to the council. 

Minutes of the meeting held on 16 December 2016 can be accessed here.



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Last updated: 27 April 2017