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The story behind Indigo Shire's logo


The name of the Indigo Creek in the Shire came from the pea-like flowers found on shrubs that resemble the Indigo plant (Indigofera - genus of tropical herbs and shrubs having odd-pinnate leaves and spurred flowers in long racemes or spikes). Subsequently our version was identified as Indigofera australis. Aborigines used the root as a fish poison and the flowers to obtain a blue dye. They probably also used the tough bark for string.

The name Indigo Shire was initially suggested in a local government report from the early '90s prior to amalgamation in November 1994. At that time it was a suggested name for a council area covering Chiltern and parts of Yackandandah and Rutherglen.

The four lines on the Indigo Shire logo represent each of the four Shires prior to amalgamation - Chiltern, Beechworth, Rutherglen and Yackandandah. The solid black line shows the four shires uniting and becoming one.

Local Government is the third tier of government in Australia and is regarded as the closest level of government to the people. Indigo Shire Council is one of 79 Councils across Victoria.

The Victorian Government has put together a web-based Guide to Local Government to help Victorians understand more about local councils and their role in building stronger local communities.

Welcome to Indigo Shire

Indigo Shire, in Victoria's glorious North East, is bordered by the Murray River in the north and the Australian Alps to the southeast and is close to Albury-Wodonga and Wangaratta. It is renowned for its natural beauty and preserved historic character. The historic towns of Beechworth, Rutherglen, Yackandandah, Chiltern and Wahgunyah are an easy three-hour drive from Melbourne, four and a half hours from Canberra and seven hours from Sydney.

Following the discovery of gold in Beechworth in 1852, thousands of miners came to the region with dreams of making their fortune.

Today the area is one of Victoria's premier tourist destinations, welcoming thousands of visitors every year. Rutherglen, the oldest wine region in Victoria, is world-famous, and Beechworth, Chiltern and Yackandandah are rich in history and legends. Visitors come to the shire for many reasons, not least the trail of Ned Kelly and his gang, which leads through Beechworth's preserved Historic Precinct. The entire Shire is a gourmet's delight with fine local produce, award-winning restaurants and renowned wineries.

The Council was formed in November 1994 when the Shire Councils of Beechworth, Rutherglen, Chiltern and Yackandandah merged to form Indigo Shire Council. The Council has 130 staff and offices in Beechworth and Yackandandah and Customer Service Centres in Rutherglen and Chiltern. Click here for Contact details.


Last updated: 12 October 2017