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The new kerbside waste collection service will include an organics bin ...

The boundaries for the organics collection service include town areas and rural areas surrounding the towns. This is to maximise the amount of organic waste being diverted from landfill. The organics boundary is not related to the zoning of properties.

To find out if you are in the Organics Collection area, see the maps below. If your property is inside the red line, the new organics collection service is compulsory.

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Urban services
Standard service fee $347.75pa

Service Bin Collection Annual fee
Garbage 140l Fortnightly 109.35
Recycle 240l Fortnightly  83.95
Organic 240l Weekly 154.45

Rural services
Standard service fee $285.60pa

Service Bin Collection Annual fee
Garbage 240l Fortnightly 184.00
Recycle 240l Fortnightly 83.95

 Upsize options

 Service  Upsize option
 Annual fee
 Garbage  240l  Fortnightly  184.00
 Recycle  360l  Fortnightly  101.60

Frequently asked questions

What if I run out of Compostable Bags?

Residents are provided with a roll of 156 compostable caddy liner bags annually. The roll out of bags for the 2017-18 year will commence late May/early June 2018. If you run out of liners in the meantime, you can line your kitchen caddy with paper towel or newspaper, or empty organic material straight into the organics bin. Small rolls (25 liners) are also available free of charge from Council offices or service centres. Just remember that only compostable liners can be used, not normal bin liners or plastic bags. Compostable bags, including larger sizes, are also available to purchase from the following retail outlets, Beechworth Hardware, Beechworth Veterinary Surgery, Rutherglen IGA , Yackandandah YCDCo, and Tangambalanga O’Neills Butchery.

What if I already compost and don't need to dispose of garden waste?

Research shows that household waste bins generally contain a high proportion of food and other organic material which could be composted. Council acknowledges that a number of residents already compost, however for a number of reasons, the majority do not. Council's organic collection will also take material that is not suitable for home compost.

Which days are my bins collected

  • Rutherglen, Wahgunyah - Monday
  • Beechworth, Yackandandah, Tangambalanga - Tuesday
  • Huon - Wednesday
  • Chiltern, Barnawartha - Friday

Visit to find out when and how to leave your bins, and to download a handy calendar.

What's behind the change?

Council decided in 2012 to introduce an organics collection service to cut the amount of waste going into landfill because:

  • Landfill is filling up,
  • The cost to send waste to landfill is increasing,
  • Organic waste deposited into landfill is a major contributor to greenhouse gases.

Research shows that close to 50% of material that we put into the red-lidded garbage bin is organic material which can be diverted from landfill. Sustainability Victoria's website is a useful source of some of this research.

What happens to the organic waste that is collected?

Organic material is taken to a processing facility where it is turned into high grade compost.

What if I still have questions?

Cleanaway has established the Green Team to help you with any queries. Call 13 13 39 or visit The website provides fact sheets about the service, and lists of what goes into each bin.

Which bin this week?

Visit and download a collection calendar for your area, or plug in your street to find out which bins go out when ...

When should I have my bin out for collection?

Your bin should be out in the collection position the night before collection, or by 6am on the scheduled collection day.

My bin was not collected

There may be a number of reasons why this has occurred

  • There has been a change of Driver or Route and the collection time of your service has changed
  • Your recycle/organics bin may have been contaminated
  • Your bin was too heavy and was unable to be emptied

If your bin has not been collected by 4.30pm on the day of collection please contact Council.

My bin has been stolen

You need to report this to the Police and forward a copy of the police report to Council and a replacement will be arranged. 

My bin was swallowed by the Garbage/organics or Recycle Truck

On occasions wheelie bins fall into the collection truck. This may be because the bin is wet (frosty) or too heavy for the truck's arms to hold. Please contact Council for a replacement wheelie bin.

My bin has been damaged

Please report the damage to Council and the wheelie bin will be repaired or replaced.

If I move house do I take my wheelie bins with me?

NO! The wheelie bins are allocated to the property and not to the person at the property. Each wheelie bin has an individual serial number which is recorded against the property. This also allows Council to return the bins if they are found abandoned.

Last updated: 06 July 2018