Collection and charges

The Shire's kerbside waste, recycle and green waste collection is provided under contract by Cleanaway Wodonga.

Which bin this week? calendar

Visit and download a collection calendar for your area, or plug in your street to find out which bins go out when ...

Kerbside waste collection

MAP -Indigo Shire Waste Collection

Bins must be out by 6am on your scheduled collection day or preferably the night before.

Collection days for Urban areas

  • Rutherglen, Wahgunyah: Monday
  • Beechworth, Stanley: Tuesday
  • Yackandandah, Tangambalanga: Tuesday
  • Chiltern, Barnawartha: Friday

Rural areas

Fortnightly service, 240 litre waste bin

Click here to download the waste collection schedule.

Kerbside recycle service

Indigo Shire provides a fortnightly recycle collection service for urban and rural areas on the same weekday as waste is collected. Your recycle bin is 240L with a yellow lid.

Click here to see the do's and don'ts of recycling.

Kerbside green waste service

Indigo Shire offers a fortnightly Green Waste Collection service for all urban areas throughout the Shire. Your green waste bin is 240 litres with a green lid.

To see the do's and dont's of Green Waste click here

Fees and charges 2014-2015

Waste Service 140l urban area -collected weekly

Waste service 240l rural area - collected fortnightly


 Recycle service 240l all areas -collected fortnightly

Green Waste Service - Urban area only 240l-collected fortnightly


 Upgrade - recycle bin 240l to 360l

* Fees listed are GST exempt.


The 'Get It Right On Bin Night'  website is a great site with loads of information, fact sheets, what you can recycle, how recycling works, quiz's and more

Frequently asked questions

When should I have my bin out for collection?

Your bin should be out in the collection position the night before collection, or by 6am on the scheduled collection day.

Which bin goes out when?

Visit to find out when and how to leave your bins, or download a handy calendar for your town and street.

My bin was not collected

There may be a number of reasons why this has occurred

  • There has been a change of Driver or Route and the collection time of your service has changed
  • Your recycle bin may have been contaminated
  • Your bin was too heavy and was unable to be emptied

If your Waste Service has not been collected by 4.30pm on the day of collection please contact Council.

My bin has been stolen

You need to report this to the Police and forward a copy of the police report to Council. Please contact Council to report the incident and a replacement bin will be arranged.

My bin was swallowed by the Waste or Recycle Truck

On occasions wheelie bins fall into the Waste/Recycling collection truck. This may be because the bin is wet (frosty) or too heavy for the truck's arms to hold. Please contact Council for a replacement wheelie bin.

My bin has been damaged

Please report the damage to Council and the wheelie bin will be repaired or replaced.

If I move house do I take my wheelie bins with me?

NO! The wheelie bins are allocated to the property and not to the person at the property. Each wheelie bin has an individual serial number which is recorded against the property. This also allows Council to return the bins if they are found abandoned.

Last updated: 24 March 2015