Australia is one of the driest places on the planet. Despite this fact, we have in the past taken for granted the security of our future water supplies. It is now evident that the impacts of climate change will increasingly restrict the availability of water into the future for our region.

See the following link to Questions & Answers regarding water legislation, compiled by Wooragee and Ovens Landcare Network and supported by the Indigo Environment Advisory Committee Water_Facts_and_Legislation.pdf

For tip's on how you can increase water efficiency in your garden, see the Water Wise Garden Brochure.

Stormwater Management

Our gutters and drains take the water that runs off the roads and landscape into our local waterways. This water is called 'stormwater' and unlike sewerage, it is not treated. So any litter, suspended sediment or dissolved pollutants end up in our rivers and collectively costs society millions of dollars to treat so that we can drink the water.

Indigo Shire has certain responsibilities for maintaining clean waterways and streets, including street sweeping programs, installation of litter traps on stormwater drains, providing rubbish bins, regular waste collection services and litter educational programs. These roles and responsibilities are outlined in Council's Stormwater Management Plan, was adopted in April 2002 (for more information download our Stormwater Management Plan Executive Summary, Volume 1 and Volume 2).

Over the years communities of Indigo Shire have been very active in campaigns to reduce litter. These have included annual participation in Clean Up Australia Day, involvement in the Keep Your Butt out of the Murray River campaign, as well as Beechworth's calico bag project and many more organised by local community groups. More recently Indigo has facilitated education regarding best management practice on building sites by running workshops for local builders (for more information download our Erosion and Sediment Control Guidelines).

Building Stormwater.

Households Stormwater.

Industry Stormwater.


Last updated: 01 March 2018