Pest plants & animals

Pest plants and animals are a multimillion dollar problem Australia wide. Exotic plants and animals can seriously harm both agricultural land and remnant native vegetation. Formal legal responsibilities for various pest species are defined under the Catchment & Land Protection Act 1994.

Council's role and responsibilities in relation to pest plants and animals is divided into three parts.

  1. Control: Council is a landholder and is responsible for the management of over 150 land parcels (including the pests that occur on these properties).
  2. Education: Council has undertaken activities to increase awareness of pest identification and control (eg. revised Weed Identification Guide, Weed Information Sessions and training for contractors).
  1. Incentives: Council works with landholders to help in the control of weeds on roadsides, and supports Landcare groups in undertaking such work.  See here for information on the Roadside Weed Initiative Program.

Many reports of weed or rabbit infestations on private land are often passed to Council. This information is documented and then sent to the Department of Primary Industries, which undertakes enforcement action in relation to pests.

For further information please contact Council's Natural Resource Management Officer on 1300 362 003


Last updated: 09 December 2016