Swimming pools

Y_Pool_after_paint.jpgIndigo Shire Council operates five outdoor swimming pools at Beechworth, Tangambalanga, Yackandandah, Rutherglen and Chiltern.

These pools provide residents of all ages the opportunity to enjoy social contact, participate in recreational activities such as swimming, water sports and exercise while at the same time being instrumental in the promotion and education of water safety.

Indigo Shire maintains swimming pools at Beechworth, Chiltern, Rutherglen, Tangambalanga and Yackandandah. All have qualified lifeguards on duty.

Opening times for 15/16 Pool Season

Low Season: 14 Nov - 18 Dec, 31 Jan - 14 Mar

  • Monday-Friday, 3pm-7pm
  • Saturday-Sunday, 1pm-7.30pm

High Season: School Holidays, 19 Dec  -30 Jan

  • Monday-Friday, 1pm - 7.30pm
  • Saturday-Sunday, noon  -7.30pm

Morning swim times

  • Rutherglen, 6.30am - 7.30am, Monday-Friday
  • Beechworth, 6am - 7:30am, Tuesday and Thursday
  • Yackandandah, 7am - 9am, Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Tangambalanga, 7am - 8am, Tuesday and Thursday starting January 26
  • Chiltern Closed
Open all public holidays except Christmas Day

Swimming Pool Bookings

Please contact 1300 365 003 to discuss your booking.

Entry Fees

  • Child $3.75
  • Adult $4.70
  • Spectator $2.80
  • Concession casual $3.75
  • Family casual $16
  • Family concession $12
  • Swimming pennants $1.25

Season Tickets

  • Child $80.10
  • Adult $106.10
  • Family $187.20
  • Concession $80.10
  • Family concession $140.30

Out of Hours Bookings

Lifeguard fee

  • Less than 2 hours $41.60
  • 2 hours or more $62.40

Operating hours in hot and cold weather

Hot Weather: Pools will remain open until 8.30pm where the previous day's Bureau of Meteorology forecast is for 35C or higher in Wodonga or Wangaratta unless:

  • there are fewer than 10 people at the pool, or
  • the actual temperature is below 25C at 7.30pm during the high season or 7pm in the low season.

Cold Weather: Pools may close at 6pm on days where the previous day's Bureau of Meteorology forecast is for 20C or lower for Wodonga or Wangaratta, and there are fewer than five people at the pool.

The Senior Lifeguard has the authority to make the final decision on extending or reducing pool opening hours. In both situations, the Senior Lifeguard is to inform patrons with appropriate signage and announcements.


Last updated: 11 July 2016