Council is responsibility for the provision of its road and stormwater drainage network. Council develops and maintains local access roads to provide reasonable access to all properties.

In this section, you will find information about local sealed and gravel roads and roads in the Shire maintained by VicRoads.


Gravel roads

Indigo Shire Council routinely maintains around 1,000 kilometres of unsealed gravel road in its maintenance schedule. This is done by road grading, which restores the driving surface with the help of a motor grader. In simple words grading means to repair the potholes or any other damage by either cutting the edges of the roads or filling them with the help of a road grader.

Road users should avoid using gravel roads during wet periods if such use would likely damage the road drainage features. Certain Shire roads which are subject to such damage are marked as "DRY WEATHER USE ONLY"

If you believe your road needs grading please contact the Shire, staff will arrange and inspect and determine if intervention is required.

My driveway needs grading

Grading of private driveways has been restricted due to shortage of resources. Please contact a local contractor in your area for assistance.

Sealed roads

Indigo Shire Council routinely maintains around 500km of sealed roads in its maintenance schedule.

A percentage of  sealed road is re-sealed each year. This is when a new layer of seal is spread across the road to repair the surface.

Indigo Shire has a Roadside Management Plan in place to protect vegetation on the side of Council roads. Click here to view the Roadside Management Plan.


Maintenance of the 'crossover' is the responsibility of the property owner. The pipe or 'bridge' should be kept free of leaf litter and any silt build-up should be removed from the entry and exit to the drainage pipe to ensure the free flow of storm water through the pipe or under the 'bridge'. Guideposts should be maintained either side of the crossover.  If you have tried unsuccessfully to unblock the culvert in front of your property, we can help. please contact our Civil Operations Department on 1300 365 003 for advice and assistance.

A gravel driveway should be kept level and free of potholes so the driveway is not a hazard to pedestrians. Concrete or bituminous sealed driveways should also be regularly inspected to ensure that they are hazard free for pedestrians.

Stormwater - all new buildings are required to be connected to a Legal Point of Discharge. To arrange an inspection with Councils Works Officer, complete the form  and submit to any Council Office. Note a fee is payable upon application  - application form.

Maintenance of stormwater pipes from private dwellings to the Legal Point of Discharge is the responsibility of the property owner. This Legal Point of Discharge may be at the kerb and channel or at a drainage pit or underground pipe within the road reserve. It may also be within the property if there is a Council drain within an easement through private land. For clarity see the attached diagram.”


Last updated: 31 July 2017