Public Health


The Environmental Health Team works proactively for the health and wellbeing of Indigo Shire residents and visitors. The Team is responsible for helping prevent infectious disease and minimising public health risks throughout the Shire. This includes food safety surveillance, domestic wastewater disposal, resolution of public health nuisance complaints, and investigation of infectious disease outbreaks. The Team covers the following areas of responsibility:


Food Safety for Permanent Food Premises

Registering a new food business, purchasing existing food business, food safety requirements, food safety programs, supervisor requirements, food safety for residents and at events and festivals.


Public Health and Wellbeing Act and Regulations for Businesses -

Public Health premises eg. Hairdressers, hotel and motel accommodation, caravan parks etc.




Environmental Nuisance Complaints

Agricultural spray drift, waste water discharge, residential noise, scare guns, frost fans etc.  While Council is responsible for domestic complaints - Commercial or business complaints should be directed to the EPA.

For further information on Neighbourhood Noise complaints:-


Infectious Disease Control

Guidelines for swimming pools, residential and food business water tank supplies and monitoring of blue green algae and mosquitos-  Click here for Mosquito_Advice.doc


Tobacco Act Enforcement

Smoke-free dining, sale of tobacco, sales to minors, smoking in shopping centres, gaming and licensed venues and new tobacco laws.

Septic Tank System Management

Installing new septic tank systems and investigating the operation of septic tank systems without permits.

Last updated: 01 September 2015