Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where does the trail start and finish?

The trail starts at Albert Road in Beechworth, at the end of the current rail trail. The trail will extend to the Osbornes Flat Primary School.

2. Is the trail on the old railway alignment? If not, why not?

The trail follows the alignment of the original railway line near Kibell Lane, east of Beechworth and south along Commissioners Creek towards Yackandandah. Where sections of the railway corridor have been sold the route will use existing road reserves or Crown land.

3. Why was the proposed alignment selected?

When the project was first scoped various routes were considered. Routes from Beechworth via Beechworth-Wodonga Road, Greenwattle Road and Kibell Lane were investigated. The route via Kibell Lane was the preferred route because the original rail line provided a gentle gradient down from Beechworth and the existing formation and drainage from the original railway could be utilised to reduce construction costs. Large sections of the original railway corridor had been sold by the State Government so it was necessary to select alternative routes generally using Crown land. Priority is given for the user experience. The trail to be an off-road trail where practical, linking with places of interest and villages and townships.

Railway hollow way
ABOVE: Part of the original railway route.

4. How long has Council been planning this project?

Project planning commenced in 2010 but has not been continuous over this period.

5. What will the trail look like?

The trail will be constructed with a two metre bitumen seal. Sections of the trail in Beechworth and Yackandandah townships and flood-prone rural areas may be constructed in reinforced concrete or asphalt. The design will also include around eight bridges and three boardwalks.

6. What alignment does the trail follow through Beechworth and Yackandandah?

The trail through Beechworth follows the existing gravel path beside Spring Creek to Lake Sambell Caravan Park. This section will also be sealed. The trail though Yackandandah currently includes a bypass of the town centre via Wellsford St and Windham St, with links to the Yackandandah Holiday Park and Church Street.

7. Does the project take into account the gold mining heritage of the Magpie Creek Reserve area?

The proposed trail will improve public access to historical features including Magpie Dam and Chinaman's Wall in the Magpie Creek Reserve.

The Chinaman's Wall
ABOVE: Chinaman's Wall in the Magpie Creek Reserve.

8. Does the trail cross any major roads?

The trail generally follows existing roads, road reserves and creek reserves and most cases is located away from traffic lanes. An underpass is to be provided under Yackandandah Road at the Beechworth turn-off on Wodonga Road. The number of road crossings has been kept to a minimum.

9. Will there be any impacts on native flora or fauna?

Council has engaged consultants Biosis Pty Ltd to assess the proposed route and ensure the protection of threatened and valuable native flora and fauna, wetlands and waterways. Noxious species will be cleared and replanting will accompany the planned enhancements.

10. Will an assessment be done on any impact on Aboriginal Cultural Heritage?

Council has engaged consultants to assess the impacts of the project on cultural heritage along the proposed trail. This work has not yet started.

11. When will construction start?

Work will begin in early 2018 with the construction of the underpass as part of the Beechworth-Yackandandah intersection roundabout. The trail works are likely to commence in late 2018.

12. How long will the trail take to construct from Beechworth to Yackandandah and on to Osbornes Flat?

Construction is anticipated to take about 24 months.


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Last updated: 19 October 2017