Rutherglen Economic Revitalisation Project

The Rutherglen region is one of the oldest wine growing areas in Victoria. Once its greatest strength, this is now its greatest challenge. The town's prominence as a cornerstone destination for Victoria tourism has declined over recent years. The Rutherglen Economic Revitalisation Project will upgrade and link three key precincts in the town with flow-on benefits to the region's cyclists, pedestrians and recreation vehicle users. And of course, the two-year project will also have massive appeal to tourists. It is esimated that the project will generate 25 jobs during construction, and 29 jobs ongoing.

Council's application to the National Stronger Regions Fund in late 2015 for $900,000 for this $1.84 million project was successful.

Work began on the project in February 2016, including:

  • Project manager, Bon Consulting, has been appointed to manage all elements of the project.
  • Lake King connecting paths constructed, Main Street footpath to Tuileries constructed, Hopetoun Road upgrade and Wine Bottle car park constructed.   
  • Landscape Architect, Spiire, has been appointed for the detailed design of Main Street and Hopetoun Road elements of the project.
  • Landscape Architect, GBla, re-engaged for detailed design of Lake King element of project
  • Current focus to Christmas 2016 is completing the design on Main Street and Hopetoun Road which will include community engagement.
  • After Christmas the plan is to undertake construction works in Main Street and Hopetoun Road
  • Main Street works will include High Street intersection, upgrading the school crossing adjacent to the Post Office and installing a new pedestrian crossing point between Warrens Lane and High Street intersections.
  • Hopetoun road works include a new footpath forom Murray Valley Highway to High Street intersection and tree planting.

The Snapshot below has further details and a map. The second sheet is an indicative timeframe for the two-year project.

 Rutherglen NSRF Snapshot (PDF)

Rutherglen Economic Revitalisation Project - Indicative Timeframes (doc)

Last updated: 02 November 2016