Rutherglen Economic Revitalisation Project

July 2018 update

Future Works  and planned start date

Main Street precinct

  • Streetscape works at High Street intersection  -  August 2018
  • Streetscape works at Valentines Bakery and Pizza Restaurant -  September 2018
  • Pedestrian Barrier installation -  October 2018
  • Complete streetscape works  -  November 2018

Lake King Precinct

  • Complete draft design - July 2018
  • Community Engagement Plan - July 2018
  • Community engagement including stakeholder meeting to present plans -  August 2018
  • Final plans completed - September 2018
  • Tender for construction services -  Oct. / Nov. 2018
  • Commence construction   -   January 2019
  • Complete construction  -  May 2019


Other works

  • Long vehicle parking – programmed to be completed by December.
  • Way finding signage – programmed to be completed by December.
  • Resolution of Public art installation.
  • Naming of component of project after Don Chambers.


Works Current

Main Street precinct

Streetscape works at Gollings Square and Parkers Pies currently underway

  • Installation of new concrete pavement at Parkers Pies
  • Demolition of pavement at Gollings Square including removal of trees.
  • Installation of kerb blisters and new pedestrian concrete pavement
  • Installation of street furniture, bins and water bubbler

Hopetoun Road precinct (all works to be completed by end of July)

  • Complete tree planting
  • Complete Wine bottle landscaping
  • Install 4 park bench seats on shared path
  • Install bar style bike rack at Wine Bottle
  • Site clean up

Works completed to date

Hopetoun Road precinct
  • Reconstruction and sealing of the road
  • Construction of 1.1 km of shared path
  • Construction of Wine Bottle car park
  • Wine bottle landscaping works 90% complete
  • Water bubbler at Wine Bottle installed
  • Tree plantings from Wine Bottle to Murray Valley Highway 75% complete
Main Street precinct
  • Main Street footpath construction to Drummond Street connecting town centre to Tuileries

  • Bowling Green Lane shared path construction connecting Lake King precinct to Barkly Park Recreation Reserve

  • Drummond Street drainage and bus parking area

  • Tree planting on Drummond Street, Main Street and Murray Street

Lake King precinct
  • Lake King perimeter footpath improvements

  • Lake King footpath connections to Recreation reserve and Murray Street

  • Murray Street footpath connecting Lake King precinct to town centre



June 2018 UPDATE


   Council 's contractor, Excel Gray Bruni, will commence the Main St Rutherglen Revitalisation works on Monday the 2nd of July.

  • As previously communicated works will commence in front of Parkers Pies and move progressively into the Gollings square section.
  • Once the site is set up the first task will be removal of some trees for the demolition and replacement of the concrete pavement, seating and shelters.
  • Preliminary estimates from the contractor indicate a 3-4 week timeline for the duration of works at this location. However, due to the constrained nature of these works in and around the heritage pedestrian streetscape a degree of flexibility is required. The contractor is tasked with keeping disruption time to a minimum and maintaining business access throughout.
  • Once this section is completed the contractors current plans will be to move onto the Main St-High St section and then finally onto the western street crossing.
  • Business owners can contact Council’s contract manager Robert Bon, on 0418 142 094 , for issues relating to construction on site and timing of works but can also contact Council’s Acting Manager Capital Projects, Dan Wilkinson, on 1300 365 003 for any issues relating to the overall project.

March 2018 Update

  • Main Street civil works and streetscape - work is expected to start in May. However, the Queens Birthday Winery Walkabout event will not be impacted. The construction contract has been re-advertised and closes on Wednesday 28 March.
  • Hopetoun Road shared path, landscaping and Wine Bottle precinct, tree planting - works will be done by Council's operations team starting this week.
  • Lake King wall removal and landscaping - detailed design is currently underway with construction work to be carried out in the 2018-19 financial year.

Works completed

  • Hopetoun Road has been sealed
  • Connecting paths at Lake King have been constructed
  • The footpath from Main Street to the Tuileries has been constructed
  • The Bowling Green Lane footpath has been constructed
  • Tuileries and Drummond Street works have been completed.

The Rutherglen Economic Revitalisation Project

This project will upgrade and link three key precincts in Rutherglen with with flow-on benefits to the region's cyclists, pedestrians and recreation vehicle users. And of course, the two-year project will also have massive appeal to tourists. It is estimated that the project will generate 25 jobs during construction, and 29 jobs ongoing.

Council's application to the National Stronger Regions Fund in late 2015 for $900,000 for this $1.84 million project was successful.

In December 2017 detailed design plans for the Main Street and Hopetoun Road precincts were presented to the Community Steering Group for consideration and feedback.

Landscape architects are engaging in ongoing design consultation with the Wine Bottle CoM in an effort to best meet the needs to road users as well as addressing safety requirements for pedestrians and bus groups using the area.

Following Council Briefing, commencement of wider Community engagement began, this includes presentation of detailed design plans to the Indigo Shire Heritage Advisory Committee (ISHAC) for feedback.

Draft detailed designs for upgrading Main Street and the Hopetoun Road Precinct were available for inspection and discussion at the kiosk near the IGA in High Street on Saturday 18 February and Monday 20 February 2017. About 100 people participated in these two Listening Posts providing much valuable feedback.

Last updated: 13 July 2018