Solar Savers Program

Solar Savers

Indigo Shire Council is participating in Solar Savers, a solar bulk buy project being delivered to pensioners across 20 Victorian Councils.

The project was funded by the State Government's New Energy Jobs Fund and offers a strong educational component, as well as the potential for Pension Card holders to access solar bulk buy pricing.

The target audience for this project is focused on Pension Card holders that own their home, who are concerned about energy costs, and who are interested in solar.

The project offers a free consultation from independent project energy assessors, to help determine if solar is the right option for your home and typical energy use, based on patterns of use and electricity bills of the household.

For further information simply contact the project team on 03 9385 8512 or go to

Project concept

The project delivers a quality solar system, installer, warranty and affordable finance.

The project aims to inform and strengthen consumer confidence by offering a Council endorsed option which has been evaluated and independently advised through a comprehensive local government tender process.

The tender process has ensured value for money for product pricing, quality and installation, with the aim of benefit households financially through installation savings and lower electricity bills.

Eligible Indigo Shire home-owners can apply for a low interest loan with no fees over a 10-year period. Alternatively, you can choose to self-fund while still enjoting other benefits of the program. The project is monitored to ensure that quality, safe and reliable installations are carried out.

System details include:

  • Hanwa QCells solar panels - German-engineered, effective, reliable and safe.
  • Fronius inverter - Quality inverter made in Austria.
  • System Price - 3KW array is $4600-$5400 depending on roof type, shade, location etc.
  • Extended warranties.

The Indigo Shire Council promotion started on 21 May, 2018, and is now open for expressions of interest.


Other solar installation companies canvas sales and promotions and may offer similar opportunities. Please note Indigo Shire Council is involved only with the State Government auspiced Solar Savers program.


Last updated: 03 July 2018