Renewable Energy

Mapping and Brokering Local Energy Solutions in Indigo 

This project was funded with the support of the Victorian Government under the Victorian Adaptation and Sustainability Partnership (formally the Local Sustainability Accord). The Indigo Shire Council is grateful for this financial assistance and the in-kind assistance from VAS Partnership personnel with this project.



This project is based on strategic planning objectives contained in the Indigo Shire Council Plan 2009-2012, Indigo Shire Environment Strategy and Indigo Shire Greenhouse Action Plan.  Additional drivers for the project have been the Energy and Greenhouse Strategy Group of the Indigo Environment Advisory Committee, who compiled a body of work outlining the opportunities to transition to low carbon electricity and heating across the Shire. 





The first part of the project examined the potential for local renewable energy throughout Indigo Shire and provides an overview of the opportunities for generation at varying commercial scales.  This was achieved by reviewing and mapping the biophysical attributes of the Shire as well as existing industry with waste to energy or cogeneration capacity.  This research provides a valuable information basis for business and industry interested in investing in renewable energy infrastructure.  The second part of the project provides an in-depth feasibility study of the current solar technologies and then looks at biomass options for the future. 

Phase1 of the project was completed in September 2012.  To obtain the full 214 page report (9MB) please contact the shire.

Phase 2 of the project was completed in April 2013. To obtain the full 218 page report (7.6MB) please contact the shire.

Goto Key Findings Phase 1 Report

Goto Key Findings Phase 2 Report  

Phase 1 Executive Summary is available to download from the link below  Local Energy Solutions Summary Report 2012

Phase 2 Executive Summary is available to download from the link below Short Term and Long Term Outlook 2013


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Last updated: 01 March 2018