Indigo's Environment Advisory Committee


Are you interested in the environment?  Do you want to be a part of the decision making that will shape our Shire’s future environment?

Interested community members are invited to apply to be part of Indigo’s Environment Advisory Committee (IEAC).  The committee has been operating for since 2009 and has had an integral role in the development of the Indigo Environment Strategy, Indigo Greenhouse Action Plan as well several other programs and policies.

Application forms can be obtained from the website,, or contact Council for a copy.  Any queries can be directed to Jill Croome, Coordinator Environment and Sustainability, 03 5728 8048 or email

Applications are always welcome, there is no set recruitment period. The process is:

1. Complete application form and submit to council staff

2. The IEAC will review the application at their next meeting and provide a recommendation to council regarding the new applicant

3. The next council meeting will review the IEAC's recommendation

The Committee's role is:"to provide advice to Council on the development of Council policy as it relates to environmental and sustainability matters". 



Application Forms can be downloaded here:

PDF Form

Word Form


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Last updated: 01 March 2018