Greener living

The role of local government in management of the environment involves natural resource management. This refers to management of our environment such as land, water, soil, plants and animals with a particular focus on how such management affects quality of life for both present and future generations.

Natural resource management in Victoria operates under state and national policy. In Victoria, there is an extensive list of agencies and groups who work in natural resource management. This includes local government in a growing capacity, in areas such as community education, greenhouse gas abatement, climate change adaptation, and in the planning system.

As the third tier of government in Australia, local government has a responsibility to the local community and an important role in the successful and sustainable management of our environment. Moving away from the traditional notion that Council is only responsible for 'roads, rates and rubbish', Indigo Council recognises there are broader community concerns. Council embraces its role in leadership, as a member of a global community acting at a local level to ensure sustainable practices.

Within Indigo Shire's sphere of influence Council has a responsibility to:

  • operate as a business to deliver community and infrastructure services
  • manage Council and public assets
  • regulate development
  • act as a leader, advocate and educator.

Indigo's Environment Strategy outlines Council's response to environmental issues affecting these spheres of influence. To download a copy of the Environmental Strategy, please click here.

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Last updated: 12 March 2015