Neighbourhood Safer Places - Places of Last Resort

Recreation Reserve Pavilion, Barnawartha

Indigo Shire Council has designated several sites across the shire as Neighbourhood Safer Places - Places of Last Resort.

These are literally places of last resort that you may consider moving to during the passage of a bushfire. They should be considered only when all your other personal plans have failed. Your safety and survival cannot be guaranteed on your way to or at a Place of Last Resort. There may be no services or facilities and some sites offer minimum protection from radiant heat and embers.

Council and the CFA stress that every summer in Victoria, communities face the risk of bushfires. For residents a comprehensive Bushfire Survival Plan is a vital tool for bushfire safety.

Fires like those of Black Saturday 2009 are fast and unpredictable. They can impact on communities with little warning, leaving no time for residents to put their personal survival plans in place. In some cases, the conditions may be so severe that even well-made plans fail, leaving people, who are now under extreme threat, in need of a place of last resort.

These Places of Last Resort have been assessed by the CFA and Council for their ability to provide some protection against radiant heat, one of the biggest killers in bushfires.

Not all towns have a Neighbourhood Safer Place, and Indigo Shire Council emphasises that where they do exist, they must only ever be considered as a place of last resort.

Council encourages every resident to have a Bushfire Survival Plan and to practise it. If you live in a high-risk area, plan to leave the night before on days of code red fire danger.  On days of severe or extreme fire danger, plan to leave early in the morning and plan ahead about where you can go.

Do not go to a Place of Last Resort if you are leaving the area early during a bushfire emergency. Click here to visit the CFA website for more information.

Places of Last Resort in Indigo Shire:

  • Beechworth Memorial Hall, Ford Street
  • Beechworth Police Paddocks, High Street
  • Yackandandah Senior Citizens, Wellsford Street
  • Yackandandah Memorial Gardens, High Street
  • Chiltern Memorial Hall, Conness Street
  • Tangambalanga Community Centre, 29 Kiewa East Road
  • Stanley Recreation Reserve Pavilion, Pioneer Road
  • Rutherglen Showgrounds Reserve Open Space, High Street
  • Barnawartha Recreation Reserve Pavilion, Havelock Street
  • Sandy Creek Recreation Reserve Pavilion, Lockharts Gap Road

 Other potential sites in the Shire are being assessed. A full list of Neighbourhood Safer Places across the state is available from the CFA website or by calling the Victorian Bushfire Information Line on 1800 240 667.



Last updated: 01 February 2018