Fire prevention

Landowners and occupiers are responsible for fire prevention on their properties. This includes:

  • removal of fire hazards and potential fire hazards from properties
  • regular testing and maintenance of extinguishers and hose reels
  • maintenance of clear exits
  • practising emergency evacuation procedures where appropriate.

Inspections of properties across the Shire are conducted each year and land owners with fire hazards will receive a clean up notice. Owners failing to comply may be fined. Council may also remove the hazard and charge the owner for the completed works.

Council conducts annual checks on fire plugs as it is essential they are obvious and accessible. Residents are not to obscure fire plugs or plant bushes, shrubs or trees that make the location of fire plugs difficult to find or access.

Why not have a look around and see where the Fire Plug that protects your property is located?

If you would like further information on Fire Plugs and their locations, or wish to lodge a maintenance report, please contact Council.

Last updated: 08 January 2014