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What is happening in Yackandandah?

On February 9, 2012, thirty community members met to discuss and prioritise ideas and projects that would make Yackandandah a stronger community. The ideas generated have formed the basis for the Yackandandah Community Plan, which can be downloaded below.

Yackandandah Community Plan

Working groups were put together for each of the top four priorities, and the work on each project has progressed.

Local Food and Sustainability Program

The working group met and discusses several ideas for projects around local food, including community gardens, public orchards, and small-scale local energy generation. The group decided to start by staging a produce swap, in conjunction with a community meal that was planned to make use of the newly contructed wood-fired oven at the primary school.

Decisions.jpg  Micheal_and_steve.jpg

After adding their produce to the table, residents try to decide what to take home (left), whilst Michael Laubli and Steve McInnes share a joke while admiring their work at the Community Meal. This meal is held on the grounds of the Primary School utilising the Wood-fired Oven.

The day was such a success that the produce swap will now be run monthly, in the courtyard of YCEN, and the community meal taking place seasonally. Keep an eye out for the swap on the third Saturday of every month.

Town Promotional Plan

Some initial work was undertaken planning a series of seasonal events to fill out Yackandandah's annual event calendar. Members of the working group became involved in the formation of the Yackandandah Chamber of Commerce, and believed that the events would benefit from the Chambers involvement. In August 2012, Council's Economic Development Team held a Strategic Planning Breakfast to explore further promotional and tourism opportunities for Yackandandah.

Integrate off-road walking and cycling tracks

Members of the working party have met and mapped out the existing tracks, and identified where additions to the network would be most beneficial to move people in and around town. The group will coninue to meet to prioritise these additions, whilst identifying funding opportunities, and other groups that can lend support.

Yackandandah Skate Park

A group of passionate young people have been working with the Indigo Shire's Youth Development Officer to stage events at skate parks across the shire to raise money for the contruction of a new skate park in Yackandandah. These events have been well attended, and have raised several hundred dollars.

For further details on this Plan, please contact Chris Westwood via email or local call 1300 365 003.


Last updated: 30 July 2014