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What is happening in Sandy Creek?

A new approach to engaging small communities was adopted for Sandy Creek and surrounding district. The 'small towns approach' involved condensing several months of consultation into two whole community meetings, while allowing the community to determine how these sessions would work best for them, and what format the plan they produce would be in.   

A project brainstorming session was held in late 2011, which produced numerous ideas for the advancement of Sandy Creek. These ideas were distributed around the community, and prioritised over a barbecue dinner at a second session. The top project priorities are as follows:

  1. Improve communications with upgrades to mobile phone reception and optic fibre cabling
  2. Build a changeable communtiy noticeboard
  3. Preserve the Reservoir



Above: Shire officer Scott Landells outlines the workshop process as community members settle at tables.

The community decided that they would like their plan to be a single A3 sheet, that could be displayed easily on a wall. A copy of the plan can be downloaded below.

Sandy Creek Community Plan

Improve communications with upgrades to mobile phone reception and optic fibre cabling

Following a united campaign involving Councillors, community members, various staff from CEO through to hands-on officers and local landowners, Telstra have advised that work will re-commence on a Mobile Tower to service the Sandy Creek area in early 2013 with a view to being operational by mid-year. Further work needs to be done investigating the options regarding improved internet capacity.

Build a changeable community noticeboard

A changeable community noticeboard is now established at the intersection of Sandy Creek Road and Lockharts Gap Road, facing North-West (see picture below). It has a lockable perspex cover and allow for the display of up to 6 lines of information regarding community activities. This project will allow the Sandy Creek region community to promote upcoming activities as the community is not especially well served by existing media. 

Preserve the Reservoir

A walk around the Upper Sandy Creek Reservoir took place in November 2012 with Jill Dawson a local consultant on alpine native plant species. Among various activities identified are a native flora and fauna audit, visit from platypus group and production of a local history booklet for the Reservoir and the Valley’s families. The working party have not met in 2013 owing to other interests.

For further details on this Plan, please contact Chris Westwood via email or local call 1300 365 003.

Last updated: 30 July 2014