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What's happening in Rutherglen?

Rutherglen is one of the largest communities in the Indigo Shire, with many active and engaged community and business groups. To ensure enough time to involve all their voices and ideas, conversation began in July 2011. By the time the project officers had met with most of these groups, spoken with residents in the street, and invited feedback through the media, over six months had passed, and over 100 ideas generated for community driven projects!

Throughout the course of these conversations, it became clear that there were already a number of community driven projects underway in Rutherglen. Some of these were quite advanced, or had had been put to council already, and all had significant support from different sectors of the community. These projects included:

      • Preservation and development of the 'Wine Bottle' and surrounding park
      • Solar heating for the Rutherglen swimming pool
      • Expansion of the Rutherglen Kindergarten
      • Bypassing truck traffic out of the main street



All of these conversations culminated in a Community Planning evening on March 5, 2012, in the Supper Room of the Memorial Hall. More than 50 residents discussed all the ideas put forward, and over a light supper voted for what they considered priorities for Rutherglen.


Two of the above projects featured among the high priorities. Namely these were:

  • the preservation of the Wine Bottle; and
  • installation of solar heating at the pool.

The Community Plan that will be written for Rutherglen will reflect these as being high priorities. As both of these projects are well advanced and resourced, the Community Strengthening Team felt that the resources of the Community Strengthening Project would be of more value to the new projects that were identified through the conversation period. Thus four clear priorities emerged:

  • Creating a Master Plan for Rutherglen Park and the Recreation Reserve (incl Lake King, Golf, Tennis, Showgrounds etc)
  • Seal the road entrance into the Showgrounds
  • Creating more support for Rutherglen's young people
  • Form a Rutherglen Progress Association


A Community Plan featuring all of the data gathered has been drafted and can be viewed by clicking the link below.

Revised Draft Rutherglen Community Plan

Working parties have been assembled to progress the new priorities.

Progress to date is below:

Creating a Master Plan for Rutherglen Park and the Recreation Reserve (incl Lake King, Golf, Tennis, Showgrounds etc)

A working party has been busy gathering community feedback on a draft Plan during the months of October and November 2012. From this feedback potential projects have been prioritised and a draft Master Plan created.

Seal the road entrance into the Showgrounds

Funds have been allocated in the current 2012-13 Capital Works program to undertake drainage works in preparation for sealing this road, however, further funding will have to be sought for the sealing works. Council staff and Showgrounds Committee are very happy with the resultant drainage works and remain in discussion on obtaining funds to seal this road.

Creating more support for Rutherglen's young people

School Holiday movie days aimed at young people aged 8-11yo have been held successfully throughout 2012 and 2013 at the Memorial Hall. Support from Arts Rutherglen has also been forthcoming. 

Form a Rutherglen Progress Association

A working party of local residents and business owners has been formed with a view of undertaking a feasibility study to measure demand for a Progress Association and to recommend what type of role such an organisation would have. A report on this research is expected to be finalised by mid-2013 at which point the outcomes will be discussed with Community groups.

With regard to the existing projects, progress is:

Preservation of the Wine Bottle

In early 2013. Council agreed to take on the "Wine Bottle" Water Tower as their asset, subject to NE Water undertaking the necessary works to stabilise the structure of the walls, tower and structure generally. It is Council's intention to set up a section 86 Committee of Management to manage this asset and it's surrounds. 

Installation of solar heating at the pool

An allowance for Solar Heating at the Rutherglen pool was made in the current 2012-13 Capital Works Program. This initiative has allowed swimming groups to extend their season and has proved very popular.

If you would like to join a working party, please call Chris Westwood on local call 1300 365 003. Alternatively you can email 

Last updated: 30 July 2014