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What is happening in Kiewa-Tangambalanga?

The Kiewa-Tangambalanga plan was drafted following the community prioritisation meeting held on April 27, 2011 at the Tangambalanga Community Centre. The following projects were indentified as the top priorities.

  • Increase access to the Kiewa River and establish a public reserve
  • Improve off road walking and cycling tracks around town
  • Re-establish a newspaper service

Progress has been made on each of the priority projects

Kiewa River Access

Access to the Kiewa River in town has been a long standing issue in the community. Through the Community Strengthening Project, enhusiastic locals partnered with Parklands Albury Wodonga (PAW), who have shifted their existing walking path project along the Kiewa River to the township of Kiewa-Tangambalanga.

An area of crown land on the western side of the river and north of Kiewa East Road has been identified that would be suitable for a public reserve. The working group in June 2012 formed the Kiewa River Recreation Access Group (KRRAG) and have been investigating options with PAW for funding to establish this reserve as well as gain access. On 23 October 2012 a public meeting was held regarding this matter to update the community. Further support was pledged from Kiewa-Tangambalanga Lions Club. Meetings are planned for early 2013 to pursue access opportunities.

Local Newspaper

The nearby town of Tallangatta publishes a fortnighly community paper called the Tallangatta Herald, compiled by students at the Tallangatta Secondary College, who gain qualifications for their involvement. Several of these students are from Kiewa-Tangambalanga, and these students with the local working group have formed a new paper for Kiewa-Tangambalanga called the Kiewa River Gazette. It is published monthly, comes as a supplement in the Tallangatta Herald, and is distributed for free around the Tangambalanga district via the school bus network. The content and advertising are provided by locals, and the layout, design, editing and publishing is completed by the students. First issue hit the streets in August 2011 and residents are quickly taking interest and ownership of the new paper. Publication dates for 2013 can be viewed here.

The surrounding districts of Sandy Creek and Kergunyah face challenges when communicating, as there is no single meeting place or publication that residents go to for information. It is hoped that residents in these surrounding communities will be able to make use of the KRG to help overcome some of these challenges.


 Above: The Kiewa River Gazette working party

Off road walking and cycling paths

The group met and discussed various path options, prioritising a path connecting Tangambalanga to the Huon reserve. The group continues to work with the Community Strengthening Project Officers to find funding sources, and examine how other rail trail and footpath projects will affect or benefit the construction of this path.

For further details on this Plan, please contact Chris Westwood via email or local call 1300 365 003.

Last updated: 30 July 2014