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What is happening in Indigo Valley?

The Community Strengthening Project came to the Indigo Valley mid 2010. Consultations were held with community groups and residents, and a Community Planning Meeting was held in December at the Middle Indigo Primary School. Over a light supper, community members were able to discuss the project ideas put forward during the consultations, and decide which of these the highest priorities were.

Three projects came forward. These were controlling traffic speed during school hours in front of the primary school, establishing a community newsletter, and running interest group meeting for like minded individuals to get together.

Above image: Indigo Valley resident Cathy McGowan nominates her favourite projects for Indigo Valley.

The Indigo Valley Community Plan can be downloaded here.

Indigo Valley Community Plan.pdf

After a long hiatus, a working party has been put together to oversee the implementation of the top three priorities.

Primary School speed zone

Council placed a traffic counter in front of the Primary School for six weeks. The data gathered confirmed the observations of locals, and the school council will continue to work with council and the police to lower the speed of passing traffic during school hours.

VicRoads have recently upgraded signage around the east and west approaches to Middle Indigo Primary School. Early feedback from locals is that this measure is proving an effective traffic control measure. This will be closely monitored in conjunction with the community.

Community Newsletter

An arrangement has been struck with The Grapevine to incorporate a double page of Indigo Valley News every 4 weeks (as Grapevine is a fortnightly publication, IV News will appear every second issue). Copies can be collected from the Indigo Valley CFA Shed.

A launch of the Indigo Valley News was held on Friday, 7 September 2012.


Above image: John Flitton (Chiltern Lions) discusses publication arrangements for Indigo Valley News with local project driver Ali Maher and outgoing Grapevine Editor Andrea Ross at the launch of the Indigo Valley News in September 2012.

Upcoming 2014 publication dates for Indigo Valley News are:

January 10, February 7, March 7, April 4, May 2, May 30 and June 27. Contribution can be emailed through to The Grapevine directly

Utilising the school as a hub for interest groups

The working party has decided to get ideas from the community for groups, programs, and clubs that could operate out of the school. Some ideas were gathered at the Primary School Fete in December 2011, and further ideas will be gathered at future community gatherings.

For further information, or to get involved in any of these projects, please contact Chris Westwood on local call 1300 365 003 or via


Last updated: 30 July 2014