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What is happening in Chiltern?

Chiltern was one of the first communities to engage in the Community Strengthening Project, with the Chiltern Community Planning Day held on Sunday 31 January 2010 and the Chiltern Community Plan rolling out shortly after.

Since then, many projects have come about in Chiltern, as prioritised by the Chiltern Community.

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Current Projects

Reviving Lake Anderson

A project group has recently commenced working on Reviving Lake Anderson. This project will work in conjunction with Greening Chiltern Watercourses. To date this project group has coordinated a working bee to clean up the area. In Spring 2010 heavy rainfall presented more opportunities for the Lake Anderson project group. A Master Plan has been created for Lake Anderson. You can find details of this Master Plan here. Scroll down to FINAL Chiltern Recreation Reserve and Martin Park MP Report (see page 12) and FINAL Chiltern - Lake Anderson Pictorial.

Promoting Chiltern as a place to live

A project group has come together to promote Chiltern as a desirable place to live. The group started this project through the organisation of the 'Chiltern Open Day' in October of both 2010 and 2011 The event was used to promote Chiltern as a lifestyle opportunity to potential residents and it was a huge success. The event involved real estate agents conducting open house inspections on the day, as well as organised town tours and involved all community groups/organisations in promoting what they do. Future themed events are being considered, however, may take a different format to an Open Day. Chiltern Tourism and Development Inc will co-ordinate future activities associated with this project.



Joanne Smith and Rosalie Kirwin - two of the key organisers of the Chiltern Open Day event

Bike Tourism

A project group has recently commenced working on developing Bike Tourism in Chiltern to capitalise on it's proximity to the Melbourne - Sydney Rail network and also the Mount Pilot National Park. A number of activities come under this banner including the Mo' Ride on Sunday November 24 2013 and a Bush Biking brochure detailing 7 bush bike routes and 19 places of interest. 

And new in 2013 there will be other events for those wishing to support Movember fundraising in picturesque northeast Victoria – the Chiltern Mo Ride for horse riders of all ages and abilities; the Chiltern Mo Drive for vintage cars with wire or wood wheels only in 2013… and the Chiltern Mo Walk!

Details on these activities can be found here

For further details on this Plan, please contact Chris Westwood via email or local call 1300 365 003.

Last updated: 30 July 2014