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What is happening in Beechworth?

The Beechworth Community Planning meeting was held on Monday December 6, 2010 to discuss ideas around the following themes

  • What projects could we undertake to keep our community thriving?
  • How can we keep tourism and business thriving?
  • How can we keep our community healthy and active?

A number of projects were identified through these discussions.

Above L-R: Kath Chivers, Iris Mannik, Doreen Blake, Roberta Baker, Charlie Robinson and Rob Holden discuss potential projects for Beechworth.

Feedback on these projects revealed that many residents were more interested in finding additional support for existing projects, rather than starting new ones. A second round of consultation was begun to find projects currently, or about to be underway, that were in need of further support.

The projects identified for further support are as follows:

  • Assisting the establishment of the Beechworth Men's Shed
  • Assisting the Beechworth Community Support Group to stage a series of 'Know Your Neighbour' events

These processes have not generated sufficient participation for their outcomes to reflect the wishes of the entire community. As such, a Community Plan was not drafted for Beechworth during the life of the Community Strengthening Project. The Community Development Team are currently assisting the Rotary Club of Beechworth and the Beechworth Old Cranks Motor Club in creating a public display of a Crossley Engine that was used to power the Zwar Bros Tannery in Beechworth.

The Community Development Team will continue to offer support to the projects identified above, and will look to work closely with the Beechworth Neighbourhood Centre to identify potential community projects and capacity building initiatives in the Beechworth Community.

For further information on Community Development activities in Beechworth, please contact Chris Westwood on local 1300 365 003 or via

Last updated: 30 July 2014