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What is happening in Barnawartha?

The Community Strengthening Project kicked off in Barnawartha in November 2009. Consultations took place with Barnawartha community groups and individuals and a survey was sent out to the Barnawartha postcode to gather more ideas from residents.

A Community Planning Evening was held on Wednesday 3 March 2010 at the Star Hotel Barnawartha. This ran in partnership with the Barnawartha Development Association. Over a bite to eat, the Barnawartha community had the opportunity to discuss and prioritise some of the ideas that came from the consultations.

Some of the main priorities that came through on the night included the upgrades of the Barnawartha Recreation Reserve; more community events in Barnawartha; and creating a stronger tidy towns emphasis within the community. Community action teams will be formed around these priority projects, who will work with Community Strengthening Officers to carry out each of the priorities.

A Barnawartha Community Plan has been prepared which summarises the steps taken to get the Barnawartha Community Strengthening Project underway as well as the different ideas and priorities that came through in consultations and the community planning night. To download your own copy of the Barnawartha Community Plan, select the link below.

Barnawartha Community Plan.pdf


Above: (L-R): Jan Salter, Daniel Suffern, Belinda Suffern, Sam Shaw, Andrea Ross and Rebecca Astley discuss community assets in Barnawartha.

Current projects

Recreation reserve upgrades

Before the community selected this project as a priority, Indigo Shire Council had been working with the Barnawartha Recreation Reserve committee to determine a course of action for the Barnawartha Recreation Reserve upgrades. The $1.3 million Barnawartha multipurpose community centre, including new doctors’ consulting rooms, can now be completed thanks to the recent funding announcement in October 2012 of $420,000 from the Victorian Government. This project has been a work in progress for some time with funds from various sources over recent years, including the Barnawartha community. Upgrade works have begun with an anticipated completion date of March 2014.

Community events

A working group has come together to work on establishing more community events in Barnawartha. 

Barnawartha 'tidy town' project

A working group will come together soon to work on creating a stronger tidy town emphasis in Barnawartha. 


This Community Plan is due for review. A discussion will take place with this community in coming months regarding an appropriate review method.

For further details on this Plan, please contact Chris Westwood via email or local call 1300 365 003.


Last updated: 30 July 2014